No one likes to be in an accident or to go through all the mess that comes afterward. Nonetheless, accidents are an inescapable part of our reality. And unfortunately, when moments like this happen, it is best if you seek the advice of a lawyer with experience in all sorts of accident-related cases.

And that is where we would like to step in. We have experience in various types of accidents, but one of the most common ones we deal with are automobile accidents.

There are different causes of automobile accidents. It takes just a split second for something to go wrong. And while there is no one type of accident that happens more often than others, we often see:

• Rear-end accidents when somebody strikes the rear part of your car

• Accidents involving somebody making an illegal left-hand turn

• Accidents that result from somebody running a stop sign

• Accidents when not following the traffic lights or somebody running a red light

• Accidents when a person drives on the wrong side of the road.

Parallel to the various types of accidents, there are also many different types of automobile claims. Although you might be extremely nervous once the accident happens, you have to do your homework in order to be able to prove what exactly happened. You must get as much information as possible from the accident scene as you can. Starting with photographing the other driver’s license and insurance information, all the way to how to cars are positioned – all these can be of critical importance for filing a claim or pursuing a case later down the road. Of course, you should call the police, so as to have a record of the accident along with any information they might obtain during the investigation. Memories and recollections tend to fade quite quickly, and if you don’t have all this information, you will encounter some kind of a legal problem later on.

We say all this from a point of experience. We had clients before, who due to one reason or another, they didn’t get the information from the other driver. We even had situations where the client was not able to recollect the license plate number or was able to write it down or take a picture of it because the car had driven off. Due to the lack of information, these situations are called phantom vehicle cases. And in cases like this, we just cannot be sure who exactly was responsible for the accident.

Information is of utmost importance here. There is even motorist coverage that can help to protect you in situations where the other driver leaves the scene right away. However, if you do not have the minimum required information, unfortunately we cannot do anything to help you. So, although we do not wish anyone to be in an accident, if that happens, do not panic. Try to collect all information first so as to build a strong case if necessary.