A: Often times yes. This depends on your insurance policy. Uninsured motorist coverage allows you to recover for medical bills as well as pain and suffering, even if the other party was uninsured.

In certain states they must decide to elect “zero threshold/full tort” or “lawsuit threshold/limited tort coverage.” Although more expensive — our concern is with our clients’ welfare and we suggest wholeheartedly that our clients purchase “zero threshold/full tort coverage” in the event that they and their loved ones are seriously injured. Such an election can make all the difference in terms of to what they are entitled.

In such a fast paced society, we need insurance to protect our lives, families, homes, and belongings. Navigating the insurance industry and selecting the policy that fits your needs can be daunting, and often times insurance companies themselves are difficult to deal with. Since insurance policies and the law governing them can be so complicated, we offer services to help you understand in order to choose the policy that is right for you.

With decades of experience handling and managing insurance policies of all types. We can review any type of insurance policy with you — whether it be homeowners, business, umbrella, or auto. We can help you understand what your policy means. Contact us today to learn more.