As it looks like we all will be spending a lot more time in our backyards this summer, let’s try to make it as safe as possible. Therefore, have you checked your hammock lately?

Hammock Tragedy

I just read about a backyard tragedy in Cleveland Heights, OH. Two sisters ages 12 and 14 were relaxing on their backyard hammock when it collapsed. Both children were killed. The hammock had been tied to a tree and brick pillar. The brick pillar collapsed. Their distraught father “looked” at the pillar hundreds of times, never thinking that it could ever be a problem. He never actually inspected or checked it, however.

Hammock Personal Injury

Although it is rare for deaths and major injuries to occur in hammock accidents, there are plenty of instances of sore tailbones reported. Of course, younger children should be supervised as strangulation injuries have been known to occur when necks and head get caught up in the end ropes. Additionally, be wary of “homemade” hammocks and swing that are not required to pass the safety regulation of manufactured ones.

Please make sure your hammock and swing supports are secure and stable. Therefore, check for frayed and aging ropes and ties as well. Stay safe out there folks. Be sure to choose safety and avoid product liability.

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