The risk for an accident surrounds us in everyday life. In fact, a driver can attempt to safely exit a department store parking lot and still experience a rear-end collision. Only…the other driver takes off right away. Then what can you do?

In a phantom vehicle circumstances such as this, you would have to act quickly and try to get the following information:

  • License plate number
  • Name and address of the other driver

Also, you might consider taking a photo of the license plate, especially if the other driver who’s responsible for the accident takes off. Most importantly, you will need to call the police and wait for their arrival.

Another point to remember is that most department stores have installed surveillance cameras in their parking lots. The footage taken from these cameras can be vital particularly if you weren’t able to write down or photograph the license plate number.

Therefore, obtaining the necessary information is imperative for filing a claim on the insurance or if necessary, building a case. In addition, to the license plate number, name and contact information, you will also need to seek medical attention immediately to document and get treated for any injuries sustained during the accident. Although you might feel “fine” at the time, complications can arise later on if left untreated, and worse yet, you have no way of paying for the medical costs. So taking these steps can ensure a positive outcome in relation to repairs to the vehicle and your own healing process.