You make a claim against a liable party and the defendant finally agrees to settle. However, the defendant insists that the release does NOT include any admission of fault. Is it OK to sign that release?

 Yes! It happens all the time, in small cases and large.

Real World Example

For example, thousands of people filed lawsuits against Monsanto/Bayer claiming that the weedkiller caused their cancers. After years and years of litigation, the Roundup litigation resolved for $10 BILLION. However, Monsanto/Bayer insisted that the settlement not contain an admission of wrongdoing or liability. Seems silly that it would agree to such a large settlement if it did not do anything wrong, right? Would you? Probably not. But would you turn down $10,000,000,000 to make a point? Probably not, either.


If you have any questions about the release in your personal injury settlement, it is ALWAYS a good idea to discuss it with your attorney before you sign.

Our Mission

At Rosenberg Law, it is always our mission to make everything as clear as possible. We want all involved parties to understand exactly what is involved in the legal process. Are you more interested in a settle agreement or an admission of fault? Obviously, each is the desired outcome but we always keep you updated with each of the options throughout the claim. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand the steps along the way. Read through some of our verdicts and settlements.