The shore traffic each summer can be very frustrating. As impatience to get down the shore mounts, drivers may become more and more reckless on the road. Everyone has witnessed or been a part of the miles of traffic that you may need to sit through in order to get to the shore. We wanted to offer a few tips for staying safe and maintaining proper driving habits. FIrst, do not continually attempt to change lanes to “get ahead.” As you have noticed, most times this strategy tends to not work out anyway, as the other lane then begins to move more quickly. Second, try to avoid the feeling of procrastination of finally arriving. Keep your mind off of the traffic and maybe listen to some good music or enjoy good conversation with the other passengers in the car. Either way, ensure that you keep your concentration on the road and other drivers; defensive driving can help you avoid getting in a slow moving fender bender. Third, if you are able, leave at an optimal time for travel. Maybe plan to leave very early in the morning sacrificing preparation time by finalizing everything the night before. Pack the car, plan the travel route, and program the GPS the night before to save yourself the struggle of feeling rushed the next morning or evening. For more information continue following our blog for more quick tips, advice, and safety measures in relation to lifestyle. Either way, we hope everyone has a fun, safe, and exciting weekend, whatever your plans may be!

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