Pennsylvania has followed the trend of its neighboring states and adopted a “texting and driving” law that prohibits the use of “wireless communication device[s] to send, read, or write a text based communication while the vehicle is in motion.” Since “in motion” is not specifically defined in the statute, a safe bet would be to assume that if your car is in “Drive”, your cell phone, or any digital devices, should be put away.

The citation for violating the law is a summary offense — relatively minor, and comparable to a parking ticket; there is also an accompanying fine of $50. While the officer may not be allowed to take your device when pulling you over, the court may use it, or records, to determine if messages were sent at the time in question (that is, if you challenge the citation).

So what does this new law mean? Just what the ad campaigns have been telling you — texting and driving causes thousands of accidents a year, many fatal, and we need to put measures in place to change this. Even if you are a safe driver, always be on the defensive for others who are not as careful.

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