Holiday travel continues to increase and is expected to reach its highest in years this Labor Day Weekend. Despite improvements in automobile safety and accident awareness, the Labor Day Holiday is one of the most dangerous times of the year to drive and accidents are expected to increase with the increase in travel. The NSC reports that in past years:

  • 35,200 US traffic deaths occured throughout the year
  • 3.8 million crash related injuries requiring medical attention occured throughout the year
  • 394 deaths occured just over the Labor Day weekend
  • 42,200 injuries needing medical attention were reported Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the one of the deadliest and most dangerous weekends of the year to drive. Just in the few weeks following the 4th of July holiday 2016, the Injury HelpLine® connected over 3,200 callers with local injury attorneys. We anticipate similar high demand in the period following Labor Day.